MISSION STATEMENT: The Care Team reaches out to members and friends of CPC to promote communication, connection and active membership. The team seeks to nurture and encourage our church family in their relationship with Christ and with His church.

The Care Team offers ministry through telephone calls to members and regular attendees who have been absent from worship for some period of time. The team's goal is to insure that no one disappears from our church family unnoticed or uncared for.

The committee endeavors to provide spiritual care to these dear ones, who have not attended church with regularity, with the intention to rekindle and strengthen their connection to the church and to Jesus Christ.

Through caring phone calls, we encourage active involvement where that is physically possible. We ask and attempt to answer questions, become peacemakers, if necessary, and refer to appropriate resources. We meet on a monthly basis. If interested in serving in this manner, please contact Rev. Wayne Kempton - Pastoral Care