Rev. Bruce Greenough

Assistant Pastor

Ted Hole

Missions Elder

Curtis  Hopkins

Missions  Past  Elder

STeve  Stiles

TEam  Member

Natalie Jones

team  member

The Missions Team is passionately encouraging, equipping and empowering the people of Community Presbyterian Church to serve Christ in local and global missions for short or long-term service. We expand our obedience to God when we respond to Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations.

Missions TEAM Purpose Statement The purpose of the Missions Committee is to encourage, equip, and empower the people of Community Presbyterian Church to act upon their desire to serve Christ in local and global mission opportunities. The Missions Committee provides several opportunities during the year for families to meet visiting missionaries, hear inspiring mission speakers, receive mission training, or even undertake a short-term mission trip. The Missions Committee asks that you pray for our missionaries and for those they seek to reach; read our weekly bulletin items, timely updates on the mission work of our church; and look for ways you can get involved in missions: by talking to a neighbor, attending a mission program, reading mission stories, praying, sending personal letters, birthday greetings or e-mail to our missionaries, or planning to be a part of a short-term mission trip. If you feel God calling you to the field, we are here to lend our joyful support as your church home base as you take the necessary steps to becoming a truly global Christian.


The Missions Committee’s goal is to expand our obedience to God who gave us the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20:


By raising up, nurturing and sending missionaries from CPC for either short or long-term service, with concentration on unreached or non-Christian people groups;


By boldly challenging the congregation to become informed and active “global Christians”;


By promoting events and distributing information about the people and organizations we support with the aim of encouraging knowledgeable, compassionate and personal support from the congregation;


By working with all committees of the church to promote mission awareness an cooperative programming;


By partnering with mission agencies that ably promote the Kingdom and demonstrate the Gospel through word and deed;


And by prayerfully and capably disbursing funds from the church budget as annually determined by Session.