Dos Pueblos Relief Fund

Dos Pueblos Relief Fund — Leaders Bill and Connie Tice and their team of dedicated volunteers has just returned from their 59th Dos Pueblos Fund Trip to Mexico. Their Mission: Helping with housing, church development, food, medical expenses, education, clothing and transportation in San Vicente and San Rafael, Baja, CA, Mexico.

Connie & Bill
Retirement Letter

To the Board of Dos Pueblos regarding our retirement on April 10, 2017:
We love you all and are grateful for all of your diligent work, love for the people in San Vicente and Benito Juarez, and beautiful cooperation as a Board. We are confident that God will provide you with the strength needed to carry out the new focus that you plan to be working on. We are so very pleased and proud of all that has been accomplished these 16 years: Two churches built, 5 cars purchased, Enrique’s home greatly expanded and improved, 8 students sponsored to complete their schooling, Emanuel’s successful double hernia surgery, Gonzala, her dad Ventura, Pastor Marina, and her husband’s successful cataract eye surgeries, 6 casitas built, numerous repairs and tires for the Morales Family’s vehicles, furnishings for the Morales home, help with walls in Juanita’s home and the home of Enrique’s next door neighbor, much food has been provided, much used clothing has been provided, 50 people from CPC have had life changing experiences and outlooks from their work on a team, plus many other successes. Our prayer is that God will guide you, bless you, and protect you as you are doing good, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With all our love, Connie and Bill



We just took our 59th trip to two towns in Baja, California. Our team from home was Joe Vaughan, Patrick Levesque, Rachel Tice, Jayne Abbe, Bill and Connie Tice. Helping with housing is one of the areas that our ministry focuses on. Humberto and Anabel have two children but no home. Dos Pueblos is covering most of the expenses for materials to build their small house. We carried 144 thirty pound blocks up a hill, stacked them, and laid nine courses of block on their house-in-progress. At Juanita’s home, we pruned fruit trees, cleaned windows, and purchased repair materials and a new sink.

Another area of ministry is church development. We added several courses of block to the entry wall of the church property. We each used God’s gift to us to “serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10 NIV).

We also help with education. One of the eight students we have helped through school is Enrique “Kiki” Morales. We are helping with supplies for the clinic he is working in this year as a doctor in the state of Nayarit. Dos Pueblos has also provided the $5000 that will be needed as he starts back to school for a Master’s Degree in Public Health this September.

Transportation is another area we are helping. CPC gave Pastor Enrique a church van 10 years ago. It is used every Wednesday and Sunday to transport 12 or more people to church. What a great blessing this has been for the ministry. Our last two areas of ministry are helping with food and clothing. We have purchased beans, rice, and oil on most trips and offered it to families in need. We also provide money to help with some of their food budget. We have taken a lot of good used clothing and carefully distributed small bundles to those for whom Gonzala knew would be a perfect match.

When will the next trip be?

DPRF Trip #60 is June 26-30, 2017. Sandra Kunes and Randy Guzik will be leading this trip for the second time. We already have a full team going! They will sleep in the dorm at the Morales’ home. Connie Tice will be leading trip #61 December 26-30, 2017. Maximum number of team members for trip #61 will be limited to six. Ask Connie for a Team Request Card to fill out if you want to serve the Lord with us in Baja, CA in December. With our love and deep appreciation, Connie and Bill Tice Our Mission: Helping with housing, church development, food, medical expenses, education, transportation, and clothing in San Vicente and Benito Juarez (aka San Rafael), Baja, CA, Mexico.

SOME highlights from trip 59

Hear the Testimonies from Dos Pueblos 09/25/2016

Be Part of the TEAM

This video gives a short look at some of what we have been working on in Dos Pueblos.  We make regular trips to continue the work and to reunite with our friends. You can be part of the team and get in on what God is doing in Baja Califonia. 


Some of our team

Raising the Roof

A Little Fun

Reuniting with Friends

Making progress