Signpost Mission Works

We’re on an exciting adventure to create healthy environments for children in West Africa where they can learn and thrive. Our motto is, “Education and resources for a better future”.

We believe that if we can help provide a rich educational experience for children through improved curriculum, teacher training, and building projects, it will have a ripple effect as they become the next generation of leaders.

Health is another key component and we are working to find solutions to provide clean living conditions and clean water to entire communities where these children live. Simply put, education for living, water for life.


Signpost Mission Works  The former WACM Building & Education Team comprised of Tim Weir, Joe Vaughan, Sandra Kunes, and Steve & Jean Stiles has split off from Dr. White’s medical mission work and has organized under the name, Signpost MissionWorks (SMW). We currently meet twice a month and publish minutes.

MISSION Our mission is twofold: 1.To work with Christian schools in underserved areas of the world to help them improve the quality of education they are offering their students. 2.To enhance the church facilities connected to these schools through improved infrastructure projects (i.e. building and water projects).

Our focus at present is West Africa. We have arranged to work in concert with Pastor Edward Saffa and the Door Church pastors in Sierra Leone to help further their efforts to reach the largely Muslim population around them with the Good News of Jesus.

Over the span of three separate trips to Sierra Leone beginning in 2011, we have built meaningful relationships not only with Pastor Saffa’s Door Church in Freetown, but also with Pastor Fayia at the Door Christian Fellowship in Lungi, and Pastor Marvin in Wilberforce Barracks. Last spring (2013) we travelled to the Wilberforce church and built diversionary block walls to help alleviate the flooding that takes place there each year during their rainy season. It was our first step in an effort to improve the infrastructure of that church with a view to it becoming the center of community life in that area. In the fall, the education team traveled to Lungi to work with the teachers of the Door Christian Fellowship School in that village. We brought them supplies and held teacher training clinics to demonstrate how best to use those supplies in the classroom. Their teachers need further training. They also need government certification and we would like to help them with both.

PROJECTS  We have decided that under our new banner we would like to focus first on the needs of the Lungi school.
   1. Certification: It would cost approximately $2,500 for their five teachers to study and get their government certification this summer (2014).
   2. New school building: The school currently meets in the church sanctuary. This is a problem on two fronts; first, because they hold services each night of the week and the “classrooms” (areas of the sanctuary separated by partitions) must be disassembled each day after school and reassembled each morning before school begins. Second, the government is displeased that school is being held in the sanctuary of a Christian church. They need a separate school building and have developed architectural plans to that end. The cost to build would be $80,000 USD.