Signpost Update Letter 2017

Our recent trip to Sierra Leone was both the culmination of a year-long project and the beginning of a new phase of work for Signpost MissionWorks. We dedicated the school in Lungi on April 14th in a joyous celebration of the new 5,400 sq. ft. building. This new facility allows the Door International Academy to greatly expand its enrollment and also to provide a quality Christian learning environment for its students.

There is a widespread need in Sierra Leone for access to clean water as well as education in sanitation and hygiene. And so, looking ahead Signpost MissionWorks is expanding its vision to include these needs in its mission to provide education and resources for a better future. On this trip we met with various organizations already doing work in this arena in hopes that we can partner with existing in-country initiatives to improve the health of children and help build strong bodies and minds for emerging leaders who in turn will lead the country into that better future.

We’re so grateful for the continued support we’ve received from the CPC family and we hope you know how much we appreciate your generous gifts and prayers for this work.